We Develop

We have over 20 years expertise in developing products for the insurance and lifestyle industry. Many of our unique solutions are market leaders. We continuously develop new products to match current market needs.

We Package

We obtain a holistic overview of the groups requirements and abilities. We help to develop the ability profile and package solutions in order to provide membership value and organisational revenue.

We Distribute

We have field agent forces and a Call Centre to assist with product distribution or we can advise you on your distribution strategy within your organization. With over 50 years’ experience in distribution, we can broadcast any solution!

Broadcast Micro Solutions is a front end solution provider to the emerging market and the lifestyle segment.
We specialise in creating solutions for large membership organisations,  including developing critical paths for new and emerging groups to succeed.

Our services include:

·       Developing and maintaining an insurance productstructure (FSP 44662)
·       Front-end marketing services, including worksite interaction
·       Direct response marketing
·       Developing and maximising returns through mobile technologies
·       Mobile apps/USSD platforms
·       Multi-Spectrum loyalty programme
·       Group banking platforms (Large groups only + 10 000 to start)
·       Medical aid
·       Value added services and products

Our services will enhance your existing offering to your members and will increase significantly your revenue, when implemented properly. Each service can be handpicked according to your needs.  We stay ahead of the market and keep you there.