John Benwell: Managing Director

SAARP has for many years had a close involvement with Tanya Grobler and later Randal Mocke with a group funeral and benefit scheme that we have for our members.

Tanya also provides the Mahala Loyalty Program that we provide as a service to our members. We have 85000 members all over the age of 50 years and a funeral policy is something that is a very necessary item in their personal portfolio, likewise the benefits of the loyalty program is also well received by the members..

Over the years we have been very happy with the way in which these schemes were serviced  and the way our members interests were well looked after. We strongly recommend them for the provision of these services to any organisation that has an active interest in providing similar benefits for their members.



Belinda Freeman: Marketing Executive

It was a few years ago that we entered into a brokering agreement with the BMS team. In life there are decisions that you make that define your life and bring about wonderful blessings and will by far exceed your visions for the future and its possible successes that, that decision would have on your life.

Entering into our business relationship with this very powerful, competent and incredibly talented team at BMS was such a decision for us at Greystone. We really have grown with their input, guidance and assistance.

They are steered by two individuals who are so passionate about what they do; it could scare you at first. The energy and drive they bring are coupled with knowledge, experience, integrity and amazing people skills.  

The difference with this group of individuals making up BMS is that they care about you and your business. They also listen to you as their client. They are unbelievably creative and innovative, if they do not have the product they will source it or design it as nothing is too much for them.

So my advice is simple, if you are reading this, stop wasting time, get involved with the BMS team today.